Dino Birthday Party

May 18, 2021

With Zell’s third birthday coming up, I thought it would be fun to share his second birthday party. Last year he loved all things dinosaurs. It is such a fun time each year because his interests are constantly changing, and we follow his lead in what he likes. All of the decorations I made by hand. We are a “no shoe household” due to the kids playing and rolling all over the floor, just our personal preference. It was easiest to make a sign to share with everyone. For all of the signs including the Dino feet, I typed, printed, and laminated them. For the Dino feet I found a template online then printed them onto construction paper.

Next, we made a balloon arch. By blowing up different sized balloons, stranding them on a needle that was attached to thread, we thumbtacked it to the wall. We were able to move and position the balloons how we wanted to on the wall. We bought dowels, greenery, ribbon, the number 2 that we painted white glued to a wooden circle to make the sign under the balloons. It was so simple but turned out so beautiful with the help from my mother-in-law. I used my felt board to make a little note about our Zell.A.Saurus.Rex. This added to the decorations, but was something that I already had.

For the food I made little signs to share what they were, but put a dinosaur theme to them. They included:

  • Ice Aged Punch
  • Raptor Egg Salad
  • Prehistoric Dirt
  • Carnivore Eating
  • Of course, Zell’s Dino Birthday Cake

For the activities I created a little Dino Dig and Dino Hatch. My mother-in-law filled dinosaurs in water balloons and then once freezing them, we cut the balloons off and was left with a trapped dinosaur to be rescued. I bought air dry clay and used a toy dinosaur to make imprints into the clay. I let it dry and hid them under sand to be found as fossils. I put little tools to help them with their games. The games was a total hit with the kids. It kept them busy while still keeping the dinosaur theme.

Most of this was bought from Walmart, easy to make, and was easy clean up! Zell had a blast and that is what matters most in my heart! I mean come on, look at that little grin.

Are you one for simple decorations or go all out? I cannot wait to share his 3rd birthday. Stay tuned!

Much Love 

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