Hey friend!

Jenny here. I am the face behind Simply Captured. I am a wife, mother, writer, creator, avid coffee drinker, and student living in the midwest. I wanted to create a space that I could share our journey, post memories to look back upon, and provide others the opportunity to purchase handmade items that we have created together as a family. I love all kinds of desserts and love trying new baking recipes. You could say that I would easily fit into the Gilmore Girl’s household when it comes to coffee. I thrive on trying new crafts, napping, and quality conversations. I am an organizational fanatic. I love taking a space that is chaotic and bring peace to it. In my downtown I love to change the house around and find more ways to make my house cozier and warmer. My favorite and most fulfilled part of my life is being a wife and mother. They are my entire world and I thank God for them. 

My journey consists of many turns and road bumps which led me to Elijah, 2 beautiful children, and a relationship with my personal Savior. I lived in Virginia for the majority of my life. I moved from living with my mother, in Virginia, to my father, in Kansas my senior year of high school. I decided to do online and graduate early at the age of 17. After I started to attend a college that I could drive locally to while still living at home. Shortly after, I entered a relationship that was bad all-around that consisted of mental, physical, and emotional abuse. Finally, God gave me the courage and strength to walk away.

This journey led me to Elijah, he was my saving-grace. He showed me my self-worth and showed me love through Christ’s love. We met in August of 2016 and was married 3 months shortly after that in November of 2016. Everyone thought we were crazy, who wouldn’t? We had known each other 3 months and was already married! We knew nothing else mattered because we had confirmation from God. We knew that we could make it through anything that we encountered if we kept Christ at the center of our marriage. We still continue to do so today. 

We experienced a miscarriage in August of 2017, then became pregnant with our Son, Zell Oliver, 2 months after in October. He made his grand entrance in June of 2018. I knew that God was calling me back to school when Zell was around 6 months old. I was not sure what His plan was in store in for me but knew that I was told to seek out a ministry and leadership degree. We had always dreamed of having our children close together, so we fell pregnant again when Zell was 11 months old. Skylin Vae was born December of 2019. Through it all, we have experienced heartache, laughs, tears, and growth.

That leads us to now! I am living life to the fullest with my little crew and thanking God every day for this beautiful life that He has given me. I am excited for you to join us on this journey into parenthood, marriage, and starting our own business. So grab a cup of coffee, warm blanket, and stick around in our little corner!

Much love for all of your support.

The journey